1. Booklet creation process

The fastest way to create a booklet is to organize all the files that are meant to be part of the booklet in one folder – and from there drag the software. The appendices should be dragged to the heart of the software:

While the main file – such as a letter, application to the court, agreement, tender, etc., should be dragged into the main document space:

After uploading the required files to the software you can see the status of the attachments. That is, whether or not their software loading is complete. This is how it will look:

If you want to add a document (or documents) after the main file (such as a court application) that is not an appendix, such as an affidavit, you can do so easily by uploading a document to the “Secondary Document” rubric:


It is advisable to give each appendix a name. Renaming the attachments can be done automatically, meaning that the file name will become the name of the attachment, or manually. To name appendices automatically, first make sure that the file names do reflect the names of the appendices we want. Then all you have to do is click on the “Give names to attachments” button and the system will make the file names the names of the attachments. It will look like this:

As long as you do not want to give the attachments the file names, you can do so manually. Just click on the “Name the appendix” line and type in the name of the appendix you want.

You can name attachments automatically and change only one or more of them manually.

As a rule, the appendices are numbered consecutively with the format “Appendix 1”, “Appendix 2”, etc. You can change the way you mark it manually so that it has, for example, “Exhibit 1”, “Exhibit 2”, etc. or even “Appendix 1.1”, “Appendix 1.2”, etc. To do so, you must mark the rubric “Manual Numbering”, then click on the “Appendix Number” line and then type the series you want. It will look like this:

If you have uploaded several attachment files, but you want some of them to be considered as one attachment, all you have to do is click on the “merge” column on the attachment rubric that you want to merge with the attachment above it. Once the V is marked the appendix will be merged with the appendix above it.

After uploading the attachment files to the software, you can easily arrange their order – which attachment will be number 1, which 5, which 3, etc. Simply mark the appendix line and then click the up-and-down arrow on the right side of the software.

Often, after uploading the files to the software you will want to change the contents of the file, for example edit the Rose file, Excel and the like. All you have to do is right-click and open “Open Source” or click the pencil icon when it comes to the primary and secondary files. Once you open the file, you can edit it as you wish. Upon closing and saving the changes – the changes will already be saved in the file contained in the software.

Sometimes, the size of the final booklet may be larger than the possible size for uploading to the trial network or sending by email, for example. For the sake of these modes the function of splitting into volumes is intended. Implementing this function actually allows you to divide the booklet into as many volumes as you want – and set a maximum size (MB) for each volume. In this context, at any time you can know the estimated booklet size – in the display bar below the appendices window. To implement this you need to click on the “Split file from” section and select the maximum size for each volume.

By default – the location of the booklet pages will be at the bottom left of each page. At the same time, you can control the position of the pages so that it is in any position you want, up-down-side-middle. To implement this you need to click on the “Settings” button and at the bottom right of the panel that will open you can set the location you want.

Definitely! Dox.Expert has a simple and great PDF editor that allows you a wide range of editing options: add texts, delete texts, blacken areas on the page, bleach, rotate pages, add signatures, drawings, photos, watermarks and more!

When editing a booklet in English (letter, letter of request, tender, etc.), the appendices must be arranged from left to right, include table of contents in English, include names in English, and so on. To implement this, simply click on the “Settings” button and click on the “English” rubric. A panel will then pop up asking “Do you want to reset all the fields to the selected language – answer” Yes “.

Each booklet is a “project.” The project consists of all the files you have uploaded to the software. You can save a project as you would any other file – click “Save Project”. Then, with restarting the software you can open the file – load the project you were working on – for further work. For example, suppose you start compiling a court application booklet when filing in two weeks. Two days before the submission date you can return to the booklet, update it and so on and actually continue the work from that point. All you have to do is click on the “Open Project” button and select the appropriate file. At this point it is important to note that as the location of the files has changed on your computer, the software will not be able to find them. Therefore, as long as you plan to work on a project at different times, it is highly recommended that the files remain where they are in your folders on your computer or alternatively concentrate them in advance in one folder.

Logic is suitable for creating any complex document, ie a document with appendices: statement of claim, letter of defense, application, letter of demand, tender, instruction booklet, appeal, appeal, request for instructions and so on. Any such document is suitable for any need, certainly for the purposes of the trial net. Not to be forgotten? Instead of asking how to create table of contents in Word, how to convert PDF, Excel, etc., Logic turns all the work into seconds.

Dox.Expert saves 99% of the time it takes to prepare brochures for submission to the court and any need. Dox.Expert relieves you of frustrations and Sisyphean work. On the other hand, Logek creates a perfect fit for the trial net and on the visibility side creates a much higher quality and professional look for you. In addition, Dox.Expert allows you to access the components of each booklet with one click. Beyond that, you can cast template templates for the software and run them from there simply and work on them at any moment (that is, produce booklets solely from the software). Logic saves you the need to convert any file to PDF, it saves the need to create table of contents, front pages for appendices and page numbering.


2. Additional functions

As long as you reuse the same document template, such as a letter on firm paper, a fax cover page, a transfer request from the bank account, etc. in those templates where only partial content changes, you can load these templates into the software so you can work on them from within the software – Which will save you a lot of time. For example: Your office sends each fax with a cover page. The preliminary page template can be loaded into the software so that whenever you want to send a fax, all you have to do is load the template, edit it and attach the fax page as an appendix or as a secondary document. You can add as many templates as you want. ” In software, the position of the template is called a “gateway”. To upload a template to the system, click on “Templates” and then on “Add template”. From the panel that opens, select the template file you want (letter format, fax format, etc.).

From now on whenever you want to work on the template all you have to do is click on the “Gateway” panel and select your template. This will immediately open for editing for you.

As long as you want to delete a template, all you have to do is click on “Templates” and then on “Remove Template” and then select the template you want to remove:

Sometimes it takes a simple operation of converting a file of some kind to a pdf or alternatively merging several different files – no matter what type – into a pdf file. Here too Dox.Expert helps. All you have to do is upload the file or all the required files to the attachments space and then check “Merge to PDF”.

To add a digital signature to a document, open Dox.Expert’s PDF editor and click the Signature button. Dox.Expert’s PDF Editor can be opened by clicking the ‘Edit PDF’ button at the top of the software toolbar or by clicking the ‘Edit’ button on the left side of the Appendices table (will appear automatically after uploading an appendix). Inside the PDF editor there is a button called Signature that allows you to draw a signature or upload a signature photo – and they can be embedded anywhere in the document.

For the sake of blackening text, open the PDF editor of Dox.Expert and click on the blackout button. The Dox.Expert PDF editor can be opened by clicking on the “Edit PDF” button at the top of the toolbar in the software or by clicking on the “Edit” button on the left side of the appendices table (will appear automatically after uploading an appendix)

There are cases where corrupted or password-protected files are uploaded to the software. In these cases the software will not be able to produce a booklet until the relevant files are removed. When you detect such a file, the software will alert you to the problematic file so that you can identify it and remove the problematic file. In addition, note that on the left side of the Appendices box there is a “Status” column. The ideal status is “ready”. This means that the file was uploaded and converted to pdf as required. However, there may be an “unsupported file” status, which in most cases refers to a corrupted or locked and password-protected file. These files must be removed. Please note that as you claim an old project and the file locations on your computer have changed – the software will not know where to receive them back so it will be necessary to upload the file again.

3. After creating the booklet

Note that the booklet in your possession contains table of contents for the appendices which by clicking on the specific appendix number in it will immediately jump you to the appendix page. This function is designed to facilitate navigation in the document and allow for a more convenient and orderly reading experience.

Dox.Expert is intended for anyone who deals with the preparation of complex documents (which include more than one file). As such, Dox.Expert is suitable for a wide range of users: lawyers, accountants, architects, tender lawyers, secretaries, office managers, company executives, government officials, municipalities and so on. Anyone who issues documents. At the same time, Dox.Expert is tailor-made for lawyers, who are the largest document makers in the economy. This increased compatibility better serves the rest of the users as well.

Dox.Expert is fitted to the trial net like a glove. It uses a kind of bicycle for the legal network, that is – it accelerates and streamlines the activity of the legal network and simplifies the use of the legal network by lawyers, interns, judges, administrators and more. The fact that the Sisyphean part concerning uploading pdf documents – the very creation of them – has been spared, is a tremendous contribution to the convenience of using the trial net.

When replacing a computer it is necessary to remove the Logic license from the computer where the Logic already exists and then embed your license code in the new computer. This can be done once a month. Removing the license from the existing computer – Log in to Logic software, click on “Help and Training” and then on “Register the software”. On the software registration screen, click on “Cancel license”. From now on Logic will not work on this computer. Implementing the license on the new computer – with the purchase of Logic, you were sent an email with the user code – a long sequence of numbers and letters in English. You must copy the code from this email and paste it into the logic software you installed on your new computer. If you did not find the email, then you have an account on the Logic website itself. Therefore, log in to the site and in your personal account click on “My purchases” and then on “View” in the order line whose status is “Completed”. Your activation code will appear at the top of the page you select!
Upon purchasing Logic, you have been sent an email with the user code, your Logic license consisting of a long sequence of numbers and letters in English. This is the first place let’s find your license code. If you have not found the email, then you have an account on the Logic website that is created automatically as soon as you have purchased a subscription. Therefore, log in to the site and in your personal account click on “My purchases” and then on “View” in the order line whose status is “Completed”. Your activation code will appear at the top of the page you select!

With Logic you can compress standalone files or booklets and thus reduce the file size. To compress a single PDF (not a booklet), simply click on the “Compress” button at the top of the toolbar in Logic and simply select the desired file. To compress a booklet, select the “Create Booklet and Compress” option after clicking the “Create Booklet” button

The LawGic team works regularly to add additional enhancements and features to the software. Any such update file will be available for you for quick and easy installation.

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